My First 30 Day Challenge – Photographs

My initial 30 day challenge is complete.  I chose 30 days of photos as you may have read on Facebook, Twitter or in my previous post on this blog.  I found it to be more of a challenge than I originally thought it would be.  I also found that sometimes the randomness of it or needing to take a picture just to do it, took some of the fun out of it.

There are a couple of reasons that this happened. One was that I was just so busy and couldn’t take the time out to do it when I wanted to. The second is that unfortunately, as much as I hate to admit it, I would forget.  This could stem from being busy or stressed out about something, but I attribute it more to maybe not being as passionate about it as I wanted to be.

Either way, I am really glad that I did it and I am looking forward to possibly doing it again in the Fall.  There are several things that I would have done differently, and of course this is one of the reasons why I am anxious to do it again. I really enjoyed the challenge.  I am also enjoying the ability to share it with everyone.

The bad news is that I spent the entire morning uploading them to a set and after tagging them and taking the time to add descriptions, I realized that I am not able to embed the slideshow into my blog as I had hoped I would. So I have decided to go ahead and place a link to the Flickr slideshow and the Facebook album (for those of you who are friends with me on Facebook). It’s much easier and with the amount of work I have to do for my side project, news to come, I cannot spend an entire day doing this.

My frustration actually had a positive side, I am going to start looking into basic development courses. My employer has tuition reimbursement, so why not take advantage of it right?

Without further ado, here are the pictures….
Flickr Slideshow:
Flickr Set Page:
Facebook Album:

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still”  – Dorothea Lange


Decided on my First 30 Days Challenge

I was on Twitter for 15 minutes this evening and that short 15 minutes may have been a life changer.  Why you ask?  Well, I ran into the following post on Lifehacker  Escape the Rut of Your Daily Routine by Trying Something New for 30 Days where Google’s Matt Cutts presented a brilliant idea.  As simple and old as you may say it is, I love it, and I am going to start…… (oh let me think about this)……. how about tomorrow!  Yeah that sounds good.

I have decided to steal one of his ideas, but I really think it will be a great first 30 days to start with.  I am going to take a different photo for 30 days.  I already cannot wait to see them all lined up after the 30 days is complete.

If you want to check out Matt’s presentation at the Google IO 2011, please click on the link above and feel free to let me know what you think of it, and if you think it might be something for you to try.

“My plans are perfect, and when I start to carry them out, may God have mercy on Bobby Lee, for I shall have none.”

General ‘Fighting’ Joe Hooker

iPad you didn’t have me at “hello” BUT….

I am fortunate enough to have a job working for a technology company.  Why is that a fortunate position to be in?  Well for starters I love technology.  We also get to play around with latest and greatest gadgets while still doing our jobs.

One of those gadgets is the Apple iPad.  We have several in the office and because Nxtbook Media has both a Newsstand App and offers our clients a Branded App, I get the chance to use the iPad almost every day at work.

I must admit when I first used the iPad I wasn’t impressed.  I thought it was  nothing more than a big cell phone that would  never replace the laptop or desktop PC.  I even  remarked to coworkers that I can see the iPad being  an awesome toy to get on my social media sites and  to check emails quickly, but it will never be a  production tool.  I would never be able to JUST use that thing for my job.

Although I still don’t think that the iPad could replace my desktop PC, I do   see a very valuable production tool  and not just a toy anymore.

It all happened last week when I was in a meeting with my fellow Account Managers at Nxtbook.  I am sitting there before the meeting thinking about how I have at least four physical tablets full of various notes from hundreds of meetings.  If I had to locate anything from any of those meetings it could very easily take me 10 to 20 minutes of searching to find what I am looking for.

Then as the meeting begins I notice that two of my coworkers have said bye bye to paper and are using their iPads to take notes during the meeting. A little lightbulb went off in my head.  I thought, WOW , how cool is that.  Take notes for everything (except maybe phone calls with clients) and have all of those notes easily located in folders on the iPad to access via the cloud, email or print at a moments notice.

I don’t know how many of you have actually used an iPad yet, but keep in mind it does take some time to teach yourself how to type quickly on the touchscreen, but come to think of it, it took some time to learn to type on a PC keyboard too and I am doing just fine with that, so I don’t see this being much of an obstactle.

I realize this isn’t the most interesting blog post, but I am hoping to at least get some comments from those of you that have either used the iPad or even better yet, own one and use it at work to perform certain tasks.  I don’t see myself owning one anytime soon, but I do plan on purchasing a tablet (not necessarily an iPad) in the next year.

Why I tell people that I do not love College Football like I did when I was a kid

In the wake of another National Title shrouded in controversy and of course the debacle at Ohio State,  I could sit here and go on and on about all the things that have happened to corrupt college football.   Sure I am not naive and I realize that there has ALWAYS been problems and flaws inside of many NCAA football programs (SMU for instance), but my reason for writing this post are not to rehash what I hear everyday on sports talk radio.  This is to share my memories of when I truly loved College Football.

I am a die hard Penn State fan.  Growing up 30 minutes from State College I remember my first game at Beaver Stadium with my Dad.  He was an usher, it was in the early 80’s.  The Nittany Lions were playing the Boston College Eagles.  I remember going to all the Notre Dame, Alabama, and the occasional Miami game that was held in Beaver Stadium.

I remember one game against Notre Dame (when ND had The Bus).My friend Shawn and my seats were so close to Brent Musburger’s booth in the press box that we could hear him yelling “Touchdown O.J. McDuffie.” like we were watching it on the TV.

I remember recording the opening music to CBS College Football (they actually still use it) off of the TV into the built in mic on my beloved grey (overused) boom box that I recieved for Christmas. I used a Memorex tape that I picked up at Jamesway. We would then play the recording as loud as it could go while playing backyard football in my beloved late grandmothers backyard on Spanogle Ave in Lewistown, PA. When we played the annual Turkey Bowl, one team was always ND and the other Miami.

Speaking of the Irish and Hurricanes, I remember cutting out the Catholics vs. Convicts Sports Illustrated covers and pasting them on my wall in my bedroom and adopting the Miami Hurricanes as my 2nd favorite team because they always seemed to knock the hated Notre Dame out of National Title contention every year.

These are all my childhood memories, good memories of NCAA Football.  What will my memories of NCAA Football be 10 years from now.   I am pretty sure that they will NOT BE GOOD ONES and that is why I tell people that I do not love NCAA Football like I did when I was a kid (Tom Bradley leaving PSU for the dreadful Pitt Panthers this year doesn’t help either).

So I will end this post with a great quote from the all time College Football leader in wins, coach , Mr. Joseph Paterno.

“Success without honor is an unseasoned dish; it will satisfy your hunger, but it won’t taste good.”

Congrats, You Found Me!

Hello All!

I have finally reached the summit of blog mountain.  I am actually going to maintain my very own blog.  Funny, but I have only been thinking of doing this for almost 3 years.  Why haven’t I done it you ask?  I guess it speaks a bit about my personality.  Procrastinator with the love of the thought of things more than doing them.

Ok, so I am being hard on myself, but either way I am very excited to get started.  I am deliberately not picking a theme or centralized topic to blog about.  My fear is if I do that I will become intimidated by the thought of keeping up with the blog and then fade back into loser no blogger world.  More power to those that can, maybe I will get there someday, but for now I am going to focus on whatever I damn well feel like.

If I see a movie that makes me think about it two days afterward (which happens often) then I want to be able to sit down and write about it and not care that it doesn’t fall into my “blog” puzzle.  If I want to bitch about PSU or the Steelers play calls, I am going to do it.  Or if I simply want to give some advice on Account Management and things that I have learned, I will do that.

So for the fear of blabbering, I am going to finish with a quick thank you for visiting and I hope you do come back.  I hope to also meet many new friends through this blog and MAYBE even get a couple of my readers to smile or chuckle.

And to finish out my very first official blog post here is a message from Sergeant Thomas Highway….

“My name’s Gunnery Sergeant Highway and I’ve drunk more beer and banged more quiff and pissed more blood and stomped more ass than all of you numbnuts put together. Now Major Powers has put me in charge of this reconisence platoon.”