Who Will Win Super Bowl XLVIII? My Prediction…

I love sports.  I have had a personal goal to start writing more sports themed posts, especially predictions for seasons, games, etc.  What better time to start than the biggest game in the entire American sports world, the NFL Super Bowl?

Disclaimer: I am a Steelers fan. Most Steelers fans do not like the Seahawks because their fans were the biggest cry babies after Super Bowl XL when the Steelers beat the Seahawks 21-10.  All of this said, for whatever reason I chose to root for the Seahawks this season.  Maybe it was their no name status and the passion of their fans.  Maybe it was the unexpected success of Russell Wilson and that he is a good guy. Maybe it was because I have always hated the 49er’s. The Seahawks were the only team that stood in the 49er’s way from back-to-back Super Bowl.  Whatever it was, I will be rooting for the Seahawks in today’s game.

So who do I predict is going to win the Super Bowl?  I think it’s going to be the Denver Broncos. Why? John Elway. I was never an Elway fan growing up. I remember AFC Playoff games when John went up against the Steelers. Being a die hard Steelers fan, I could NEVER root for John. When you look at the current Denver Broncos team, John showed that he understands how to win in the NFL by doing several things.

John Elway – Denver Broncos Executive V.P. of Football Operations

The first thing John did was to make a commitment to scrap the Tim Tebow project (even though most fans were not happy about this decision).  He also went out and secured a great head coach. If you have been watching the NFL like I have since early 2000, you cannot deny that John Fox is one of the best.  Lastly, he grabbed one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks when the Colts decided that they were going to go in a different direction.  Think about what John did as Executive Vice President of the Denver Broncos.  Funny thing as I write this, ESPN is showing a piece that backs up exactly what I am writing.

In closing, I really hope that the Seahawks prove me wrong. I think there is a chance that they might, especially if Percy Harvin, who is the biggest X-factor in today’s game, has a big day. I do question if Mr. Wilson is ready for this game. Big Ben said he didn’t remember the first half of his first Super Bowl experience.

My prediction is Seattle 23 Denver 28


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