My Take On The PSU Scandal

I have seen enough of the Freeh Report to be sickened, so I want to share my take and leave it at that. Whatever the powers that be (Law Enforcement, NCAA, etc) decide the punishment should be for the University, I am ok with it. What happened is beyond comprehension and I am not even going to attempt to say what the consequences should be. That is what we pay these powers that be to determine.

With that said, to both PSU fans and PSU haters alike, please remember that the consequences of these actions have affected so many young lives in a negative way, so the only thing that should matter to you is that these victims can be comforted in seeing justice carried out. Stop worrying about your beloved PSU and stop delighting in this because you hate PSU.

This is beyond what some of you think it should be, which is typical of selfish America.  It seems like it always comes down to how it affects YOU and you rarely or never think of the people that are actually directly affected by the actions, especially in this case.  Some of the Facebook posts I have read and the commentary on ESPN I have seen today are embarrassing.  Get a clue folks.


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