Staying Busy

It has been some time since I have paid any attention to this blog.  The primary reason for that absence has been my involvement with Social Needia.  If you haven’t visited the Social Needia website or you are not familiar with Social Needia, it is a volunteer project committed to helping nonprofit organizations develop and maintain a digital content marketing strategy. 

The project was started a year ago by myself and two of my former coworkers at my previous employer Nxtbook Media.  I recently felt an uneasy weight from my involvement in the project, which can happen when you do something of this magnitude, so I spoke to Eric and Adam and we came to an agreement that going forward I would be a contributor to the site and the project.

So my first thought is, now I can take a deep breath, relax a little bit and clear my mind and see what direction that I would like 2012 to take me in.  Needless to say that didn’t last long, if you know me it is very hard for me to sit still.  Within days of talking to Eric and Adam about my involvement in Social Needia, I was on the phone with my buddy Geoff Burke from Lewistown deciding that we would go ahead and be the event planners/organizers of the 6th Annual Rec N Ball Classic 3 on 3 basketball tournament that I founded back in 2007.   We have agreed that after this year, we would like to find somebody to take over the tournament and hopefully keep it going strong after we are no longer involved in the planning.  Right now that event is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, July 28th.

To add salt to my self inflicted wound, not even a day later, I agreed to help one of my former coworkers, Micah Miller, whom I worked with at Paradox Labs, promote his new website Band Age at this years Launch Music Conference & Festival to be held in Lancaster City the weekend of April 26th through the 29th.  I will be handling all the social media activity at the festival along with enjoying the bands and activities that this awesome event provides to their participants.  We will have a booth at the event, so please look for us. I am really looking forward to attending again.

To add to all of those busy activities, I am also going to start writing content for Tower Marketing’s (my employer) blog.  We have made it a priority to create a content marketing plan so that we can tell clients that we practice what we preach and I am going to be instrumental in that.  I already maintain all of the current Tower social media accounts.

So to finish up, I guess this would be a good time to hopefully create some activity on all of these projects websites and social media accounts.  Feel free to check them out and ‘Like’ ‘Follow’ ect, we appreciate it.

Social Needia



Twitter @socialneedia


Rec N Ball

Website (not completed)


Twitter @recnball





Twitter @thebandage



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