Decided on my First 30 Days Challenge

I was on Twitter for 15 minutes this evening and that short 15 minutes may have been a life changer.  Why you ask?  Well, I ran into the following post on Lifehacker  Escape the Rut of Your Daily Routine by Trying Something New for 30 Days where Google’s Matt Cutts presented a brilliant idea.  As simple and old as you may say it is, I love it, and I am going to start…… (oh let me think about this)……. how about tomorrow!  Yeah that sounds good.

I have decided to steal one of his ideas, but I really think it will be a great first 30 days to start with.  I am going to take a different photo for 30 days.  I already cannot wait to see them all lined up after the 30 days is complete.

If you want to check out Matt’s presentation at the Google IO 2011, please click on the link above and feel free to let me know what you think of it, and if you think it might be something for you to try.

“My plans are perfect, and when I start to carry them out, may God have mercy on Bobby Lee, for I shall have none.”

General ‘Fighting’ Joe Hooker


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