Why I tell people that I do not love College Football like I did when I was a kid

In the wake of another National Title shrouded in controversy and of course the debacle at Ohio State,  I could sit here and go on and on about all the things that have happened to corrupt college football.   Sure I am not naive and I realize that there has ALWAYS been problems and flaws inside of many NCAA football programs (SMU for instance), but my reason for writing this post are not to rehash what I hear everyday on sports talk radio.  This is to share my memories of when I truly loved College Football.

I am a die hard Penn State fan.  Growing up 30 minutes from State College I remember my first game at Beaver Stadium with my Dad.  He was an usher, it was in the early 80’s.  The Nittany Lions were playing the Boston College Eagles.  I remember going to all the Notre Dame, Alabama, and the occasional Miami game that was held in Beaver Stadium.

I remember one game against Notre Dame (when ND had The Bus).My friend Shawn and my seats were so close to Brent Musburger’s booth in the press box that we could hear him yelling “Touchdown O.J. McDuffie.” like we were watching it on the TV.

I remember recording the opening music to CBS College Football (they actually still use it) off of the TV into the built in mic on my beloved grey (overused) boom box that I recieved for Christmas. I used a Memorex tape that I picked up at Jamesway. We would then play the recording as loud as it could go while playing backyard football in my beloved late grandmothers backyard on Spanogle Ave in Lewistown, PA. When we played the annual Turkey Bowl, one team was always ND and the other Miami.

Speaking of the Irish and Hurricanes, I remember cutting out the Catholics vs. Convicts Sports Illustrated covers and pasting them on my wall in my bedroom and adopting the Miami Hurricanes as my 2nd favorite team because they always seemed to knock the hated Notre Dame out of National Title contention every year.

These are all my childhood memories, good memories of NCAA Football.  What will my memories of NCAA Football be 10 years from now.   I am pretty sure that they will NOT BE GOOD ONES and that is why I tell people that I do not love NCAA Football like I did when I was a kid (Tom Bradley leaving PSU for the dreadful Pitt Panthers this year doesn’t help either).

So I will end this post with a great quote from the all time College Football leader in wins, coach , Mr. Joseph Paterno.

“Success without honor is an unseasoned dish; it will satisfy your hunger, but it won’t taste good.”


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